Friday, April 13, 2012


Lately I have been inspired mostly by music, but I must admit I am inspired by art as well. My new book is going to be about fairies. Yes, the beautiful winged creatures. I know some people would shake their heads at that but that's their opinion.

I love fairy art works and even own a few prints and posters. Amy Brown, Anne Stokes, Selina Fenech....the list goes on and on.

I do want to put a link here:

This is Selina's newest art book, and as you can see from the cover, not all of it is fairies. She does really beautiful work.

The song that is currently inspiring me is "Close Your Eyes" by Christophe Beck. It captures one of the emotions I was looking for and I have it on repeat at the moment. I change up my music depending on the tone of the scene I want to write. This song just moves me. Bonus points to whoever remembers the TV show this was used in. 

I have a few more things to add to my outline today and then I can start Chapter One. I hope to finish the chapter today. Mini goal for myself. I should probably get to it. 

Tell me, what inspires you? Music? Art? Photographs? Let me know in the comments. 

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